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Garmin MX-20 Moving Map DisplayFreeway maintains a fleet of Cessna and Piper aircraft to meet all of the flight training requirements.

All of Freeway's C-172 aircraft and the Piper Arrow are now equipped with Garmin MX20 color multi-function displays. Includes GPS navigation, traffic, terrain and weather.
Read more about the incredible Garmin MX20 functionality!

Every airplane in our fleet is outfitted with either the Garmin 250XL VFR or Garmin 430 IFR GPS navigation system, as well as ADS-B traffic surveillance capability.


Aircraft Type Hourly (*wet) Block Account (wet)*
C-152 [2] $97.00 $87.00
C-172P IFR w/ Garmin 430 & ADSB $140 $126
C-172P w/ GPS map & ADSB [5] $135.00 $122.00
C-162 Skycatcher LSA



PA28R-200 - Piper Arrow IFR w/ Garmin 430 $169.00 $153.00
PA44-180 - Piper Seminole IFR w/ Garmin 430


Redbird FMX Full-Motion Simulator [Dual only] *+Instructor Rate of $55 per hour $75.00 N/A
ADSB Stratus $5 N/A
Decathalon Tailwheel & Aerobat [Dual only] * +Instructor Rate of $55 per hour $140 N/A


*wet means fuel cost is included in this hourly rate. Fuel purchased at other airports will be reimbursed up to the rate per gal. that Freeway charges for fuel. You will need to save your fuel receipt for reimbursements. Block rates are not available for the Seminole, ADSB Stratus, Redbird Simulator or Citabria.

*Flight Instructor rate is $55 per hour*

Own Aircraft $65 per hour

CFI Candidate Advanced Instruction $75 per hour

*No Show Policy for Flight Training
Company policy requires that if a student is scheduled for dual instruction and wishes to cancel, 24 hours advanced notice is required or the flight instructor has the discretion to charge a No Show for the time scheduled with the instructor. Fairness and common sense are urged. Solo students or instructors must call in as soon as possible if a cancellation is necessary to allow the aircraft to be released for scheduling.

Minimum billing for Per All Day Rental

C-152 - 4 hrs Mon-Fri & 5 hrs Sat- Sun

C-172 - 5 hrs Mon-Fri & 6 hrs Sat- Sun

PA28R-200 - 4 hrs per day Sat & Sun

***Aircraft Maximum Rental length is 7 days***

*Time Requirements to Rent*

C-152/C-172 instructor checkout.

PA28R-200 requires instructor checkout plus these logged flight times:

125TT / 25 retract / 10 in type & 3 hrs Dual make & model or

15 hrs Dual make & model if no retract time in any aircraft.

*60 day currency required in Freeway Aircraft to rent, make and model day & night

***Freeway Airport Inc. reserves the right to refuse rental of aircraft to any person that is in our opinion operating our aircraft in a unsafe manner or contrary to FAA regulation

Notice!: Open a block account with $1,000 paid in advance by check or cash, and receive a 10% discount on aircraft rental rates! [7% with credit card.]


Freeway Airport
3900 Church Road
Bowie, MD 20721
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Field Elevation 168 ft
Unicom Frequency 123.075 MHz
Location N38.56.42 W76.46.32

Runway Direction 36/18
Runway Dimensions 2,420' x 40'
Traffic Pattern Alt 1,000 ft MSL

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