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Flight Instructor Airplane Course

Course Materials & Requirements
Ground Instruction (15 hours) $1125.00
Gleim Flight Instructor Test Prep & Maneuvers $19.95
Gleim Flight Instructor FAA Written Exam $18.95
Gleim Fundamentals of Instructing FAA Written Exam $11.95
Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards $6.95
15 hrs. Dual Complex Aircraft Instruction
(Piper Arrow $224.00 per hour)
2 hrs. FAA Flight Test
(PA28R, $169.00 per hour)
Approximate Total Cost * $4,880.80


*This is cost based on the average pilot proficiency and can vary from person to person.

Note: Create a block account with $1,000 paid in advance, and receive a 10% discount on aircraft rental!

Initial Flight Instructor Certification must be accomplished with the Baltimore Flight Standards Office and an FAA Inspector will be assigned for the Practical Test. This test is given without any fee, except the cost of aircraft rental.


Freeway Airport
3900 Church Road
Bowie, MD 20721
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FBO & Flight School

Aircraft Maintenance


Field Elevation 168 ft
Unicom Frequency 123.075 MHz
Location N38.56.42 W76.46.32

Runway Direction 36/18
Runway Dimensions 2,420' x 40'
Traffic Pattern Alt 1,000 ft MSL

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