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Flight Training Programs

Freeway Aviation Training Center has nearly fifty years of Experience and has trained thousands of pilots. FAA approved ground school classes and flight training are available for nearly all airplane licenses and ratings. We are located at Freeway Airport just off Route 50, near Bowie, Maryland, and within easy driving distance of the Washington Metropolitan area, Annapolis, and Baltimore. Our office is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. until sunset and instruction is available anytime by appointment.

Sport Pilot Certificate

Earn your Sport Pilot license now at Freeway in our brand new Cessna Sky Catcher 162 light sport aircraft! Requirements for the Sport Pilot certificate include a minimum of 20 hours of flight time including a minimum of 15 hours of flight training from an authorized flight instructor. A valid driver’s license is required in lieu of a current medical certificate.

Recreational Pilot Certificate

For more information, please ask Chief/Assistant Instructor for training requirements and details.

Private Pilot Certificate

Freeway Aviation Training Center's Private Pilot course is designed to fulfill the FAA requirements for a private pilot certificate. The syllabus has 35 hours of flight training, consisting of 20 hours of dual instruction and 15 hours of solo flight. Progress checks will be conducted throughout the training process. During this flight instruction, the student will receive:

  • the required training for solo flight
  • cross-country flights
  • controlled fields
  • night flights
  • all specified maneuvers

Instrument Pilot Rating

The Instrument Pilot course includes 20 hours in our Redbird FMX full motion simulator and 20 hours in an IFR equipped C-172. The course includes training for basic attitude instrument flying, instrument approaches including GPS navigation, ATC communications, Cross-Country operations, weather theory and decision making, and emergency procedures.  Applicants must complete the Private Pilot course before they can begin the Instrument course.

Commercial Pilot Certificate

Commercial Pilot flight training includes extended cross-country operations, proficiency maneuvers such as lazy eights, chandelles, eights on pylons and others to bring your flying skills to a new & higher standard. Additionally you will receive the required complex aircraft training that includes retractable gear, flaps and constant speed prop operations. A minimum of 190 flight hours is required to complete this certificate.  Applicants must complete the Private Pilot course before they can begin the Commercial course.

Flight Instructor Certificate

For those who would like to become an instructor we offer a thorough Certified Flight Instructor training program that includes 15 hours of flight instruction in the Piper Arrow and 15 hours of ground instruction in preparation for the practical test. Applicants must compete the Instrument and Commercial course before they can begin the CFI training.

Airline Transport Pilot

For more information, please ask Chief/Assistant Instructor for training requirements and details.

Part 61 Multi-Engine Training

Freeway has a Piper Seminole available for mult-engine training and add-on ratings.



Freeway Airport
3900 Church Road
Bowie, MD 20721
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Field Elevation 168 ft
Unicom Frequency 123.075 MHz
Location N38.56.42 W76.46.32

Runway Direction 36/18
Runway Dimensions 2,420' x 40'
Traffic Pattern Alt 1,000 ft MSL

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