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Experience the Redbird FMX

The Redbird FMX is a FAA-certified, full-motion Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). Featuring 200-degree wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed flight deck and a complete U.S. airport and terrain database, the Redbird FMX provides real benefits over in-airplane training:

  • it saves you the time you’d spend on preflight preparation;
  • it saves you from flying to and from the local practice area;
  • it can be used when the weather is bad;
  • it provides a stress-free environment that can be paused, allowing an instructor to show you exactly why something is happening and what you can do to fix it;
  • and, best of all, AATD training can be logged toward many certificates and ratings.

Private Pilot Students

Redbird Full Motion SimulatorPractice maneuvers, learn to land in a crosswind and train to handle real emergencies in a safe learning environment. Up to 2.5 hours can be logged toward the Private Pilot certificate.

Instrument Students

Shoot many different approaches in all kinds of weather in less time than it would take to shoot one approach in an airplane and at a fraction of the cost. Up to 20 hours can be logged toward the Instrument rating.

Instrument Rated Pilots

Maintain recency of experience or complete an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC).

Commercial Students

Redbird Flight Simulator

Log up to 50 hours toward the Commercial Pilot certificate.

Freeway offers three configurations for our Redbird FMX:

  1. Cessna 172 with standard six-pack steam gauges and Garmin 430/530 GPS;
  2. Cessna 172 with the G1000 glass cockpit featuring the GFC 700 autopilot;
  3. Piper Seminole PA44-180 with standard six-pack steam gauges and Garmin 430/530 GPS.

Call today to schedule your training session.

For more information, please visit the Redbird website.

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Field Elevation 168 ft
Unicom Frequency 123.075 MHz
Location N38.56.42 W76.46.32

Runway Direction 36/18
Runway Dimensions 2,420' x 40'
Traffic Pattern Alt 1,000 ft MSL

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